Base shape: Custom-made shape, 014

Material: FSC Certified beech wood

Finish: Matt black spray paint finish with a matt gunmetal hook, beech wood trouser bar and engraved gunmetal plaque

Variation: 440mm suit hanger

Manufactured in the EU.


Michael Browne, one of Saville Rows most sought after designers is accredited for his couture approach to design and impeccable attention to tailoring proportions, fit and construction. His eye for great design and form transpire into all areas of the Michael work, from his bespoke garments, to his Saville Row boutique, store fixtures and hangers. hangers.london were delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with Michael and create a hanger that would work seamlessly alongside his exquisite pieces. The chosen hanger had a simple elegant form, with a classic line and traditional silhouette that captures the essence of Saville Row. Sculpted from FSC certified beech wood, coated in a non toxic lacquer and embellished with the highest quality hooks and fixtures, this hanger is designed to not only look good, but feel sumptuous and durable at the same time.