Base shape: 001

Material: FSC Certified ash wood

Finish: Clear lacquer, engraved logo and matt black hook and clip bar

Variations: 370mm hanger and 420mm hanger with clip bar

Manufactured in the EU.


Markus Lupfer was looking for a simple hanger that would work across all of his garments, from blouses and t-shirts to knit wear and overcoats. The silhouette of the hanger needed to remain as simple as possible with broader arms that would support the shape of his heavier winter garments and knitwear. It was essential to keep the feminine form, yet provide adequate support. The hanger was sculpted from our FSC certified Ash wood and left in its natural form to enhance the grain of the wood and remain as neutral as possible. To protect the wood a clear lacquer was applied and a non slip coating overlaid to stop any garments slipping off the arms. Powder coated black hooks and accessories were applied to the hanger with an engraved logo which completed this simple sophisticated look.