Bespoke Design and Manufacture Hangers are a key element in so many environments, and for years we have been helping brands ensure that these key pieces are as thoughtfully crafted and designed as the garments that go on them. We treat our hangers as if they are all works of art in their own right, developing new shapes, styles and forms on a regular basis.

Through our bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities our clients are able to develop a hanger that is truly unique to them. Our highly skilled team of product designers are on hand to work through the design commissioning stage, providing overall design expertise and support with material selection, sculpting, initial prototyping and full product roll out. We aim to deliver a product that always goes above and beyond, and we are continuously looking for new innovation and technology to enhance each and every project that we work on. Our manufacturing facilities in Central Europe are well equipped to facilitate projects of all shapes and sizes, from initial prototyping and minimum order runs of 300, to global roll-outs in excess of a million hangers a month.

Regardless of the scale of the project, our skilled craftsman lovingly treat each hanger with the same attention to detail, ensuring that every hanger that leaves our factory is perfect. The craftsman that work in our factory have a wealth of expertise working in various materials, with a deep rooted appreciation for natural products and timbers. All of our timber that is used in the production of our hangers is sustainable, harvested from local forests within a 60 mile radius of the factory.

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